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Website Optimization + Server Optimization = Profits Soar!

October 26th, 2010   |   Tags: , , , ,
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Oscommerce Sales Graph Profits go Ballistic

Oscommerce Sales Graph of client profits going through the roof.

One of my clients was on television. They did not bother to tell me this. Before being on TV, they were receiving an average of 3000 visitors per month and they were doing fine on a shared hosting account with about several other clients. A few more details on this client are that they were running on 6 year old code and they had not invested in any upgrades since the website was originally designed. That being the case, the code and the server was not optimized to handle the tsunami of traffic (100 times) that they had coming down the pipe. This was made evident by the website going offline as soon as they went on air. They called me and I dropped everything to jump on the problem right away. (more…)