Keyword Research

The first step in any SEO program is to perform professional keyword research. This tells us some key information about your website such as:
  1. The estimated amount of traffic that can be driven by keywords in your niche
  2. How competitive your niche is on the search engines
  3. Which keywords we should apply to your current website content
  4. Additional areas where we should pursue content development
Our keyword research process is proprietary and has been refined over many years of performing SEO for clients. We pursue the following steps:
  1. Determine our list of seed keywords. This is separated into categories matching with the different categories on your websites
  2. Use a thesaurus tool to generate additional keyword targets for our master list. For instance, someone looking for “web design” might type in “website design”, “webpage design”, “web design services”, etc. We generate a master of list of thousands of keywords matching the topic of your website separated into categories.
  3. Use keyword research tools to assign traffic data to each keyword. Each keyword has the potential to drive different amounts of traffic. We aim for keywords that have enough traffic to be worthwhile for our optimization efforts.
  4. Use the search engine result pages for each keyword along with keyword research tools to assign competition data to each potential keyword target. We aim for keywords that we think we can eventually get you on the first page of the search engines for.
The end result of this keyword research process is a spreadsheet containing each of your pages with 1-4 keyword assignments by page. We then deploy this information in the onsite SEO process in our SEO Services.

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