Web Programming

Voxox: www.voxox.com

Voxox needed help implementing their new layout into their existing website using expression engine to manage their content.  Northstar implemented the new look and feel into the existing website and adjusted expression engine to the new needs of the version two of voxox.com.  The work was done with an extremely fast turn around helping them make their tight deadline a success!

Keep the Net Free: www.keepthenetfree.org

Voxox, in addition to wanting a reskin of their main website voxox.com, needed a signature collection website built from the ground up to promote freedom of speech for all Americans.  Northstar delivered a dynamic database driven website based on their look and feel using the Northstar CMS.

Pacifica Honolulu: www.pacificahonolulu.com

OliverMcMillan wanted to push the envelope with cutting edge animation and at the same time take advantage of AJAX web programming to maximize their opportunity for Search Engines to index their pages.  Northstar built one of the first HTML/CSS based websites with a Video based background.  This is a challenging task as video is a large data download, and eats up bandwidth and processor resources on users' computers.  We had to get by the obstacles of having the website download to users' machines, avoid runtime speed issues and conflicts in the JavaScript and  AJAX programming.  We delivered a fast website that streams video to the user as they view the page, is highly interactive and animated, running consistently across the major browsers and is Search Engine Friendly.

Transact Network: www.transactnetwork.gi

Transact Network, a european based financial company, required a simple and clean corporate multi-lingual website.  Northstar programmed the website so that all the languages would be controlled from the Norhtstar CMS.  This keeps long terms costs down by allowing Transact Network to grant access to different translators to control specific language records, discounting the need for an expensive programmer to make simple content updates.  New languages can be added in the future in minutes, and if there are any programming updates to be made, they only need to be made once rather than once per language.

Vintage Cellars: www.vintagecellars.com

Northstar designed the original Vintage Cellars website in 2000, so it was time for a redesign. During the new site construction, it was decided to give the current website a quick face lift. AJAX was used to optimize front page real estate. The checkout flow was re-organized to improve conversions and ease of use. This website features custom ASP programming, e-commerce system programming, JavaScript and CSS. The new website is under construction and will be osCommerce-based.

IntelePeer Developer: developer.intelepeer.com

IntelePeer wanted a portal for developers who work on their VOIP Internet Technology to be able to contribute to their API in addtion to getting programming information about their proudcts.  Northstar built a professional corporate website that features a wiki based API where developers can sign up and contribute to the content of the API.  The Programming Portal included a customize phpBB forum that is integrated into Northstar CMS.  AJAX Programming was used to make the front page interactive for the user and to maximize front page screenload real estate.  Northstar has also worked with IntelePeer on their corporate website, Partner Portal, and several print projects.

Party Pong: www.partypongtables.com

Party Pong wanted to be able to sell their beer pong tables on their website and have clients build custom designed tables online.  Northstar designed and programmed a customized oscommerce checkout system to accomodate his customers uploading their own images, choosing colors, and a number of other options in the table building process.  Party Pong utilizes flash animation, ajax programming, an OSCommerce e-commerce platform and the Northstar CMS.

Denay Trinidad: www.denaytrinidad.com

Denay needed Multiple Listing Service (MLS) access for her website where users would be able to view Real Estate Listings.  She acquired access through her broker and Northstar built a custom web-based IDX application to incorporate into her website allowing  users to search the MLS property listings in San Diego County.  The MLS programming integrates into the Northstar CMS on her website.  Google maps, AJAX Programming, RETs, XML, and Custom PHP Programming were included in this project.  The great thing for Denay is she does not have to pay $60-$100 per month for the lifetime of use for a thirrd party IDX system.  Additionally, the pages from CMS help her Search Engine rankings!
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  • Number of Websites Launched: 2,747
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