Multimedia Production

Tyler Allison:

Tyler needed a simple portfolio site to display his director of multimedia, video-based, director of photography portfolio. Northstar delivered a custom layout tailored to Tyler's unique look and feel with a flash-based video player that is database driven and ties into the Northstar CMS, giving Tyler control over the videos and content on his website. He can upload and/or update videos and change any host spot content on his website. All of this was done within his budget and delivered before the due date.

Denay Trinidad:

Denay wanted to have more than just a professional and classy website to promote her real estate business.  To make her stand out even more we produced a "Virtual-U" which is a high definition recording of Dneay where she walks and talks with her clients on her website before her clients even pick up the phone.  The Multimedia Video is tied into the website with Flash, AJAX Programming and the Northstar CMS to make this marketing to controlled by Denay through her website administration.   Northstar produced and directed the entire project from pre-production through post-production.  This unique marketing tool is rare to most realtor websites and makes Denay's website standout from the rest of the realtors in San Diego.

Zola Photo:

Zola wanted a clean website where he could promote his photography.  Northstar utilized AJAX programming and sound to create dynamic photo gallery for Zola's work where he can control photos and voice-over recordings or music for each photo and/or gallery.  This is unique as most photographers do not have any sounds with their photo galleries and adds the stories behind the photos to his portfolio, making each photo more interesting to the user.  This website features custom PHP Progamming, AJAX Progamming, and Sound file editing.

Eileen Koch:

Eileen works with many celebrities in television and movies. She needed a professional creative website to suite her celebrity portfolio.  Northstar delivered a flash based website that features high quality transitions and utilizes multimedia video players.  The website also needed good Search Engine ranking.  To make that happen, even though the website is an encrypted flash based website, Northstar used its unique method of progamming the website to make it SEO friendly regardless of being flash.  This increased Eileen's Search Engine rankings signifcantly and is an effective tool in the online marketing for her business.

Virtual U: is an internet video service provider that utilizes video, flash and CG animation effect to put our clients on their websites as the star of the show. A "Virtual-U" gives clients the ability to walk and talk on their website, selling their products and/or services directly to every website visitor and enhances the user experience with optional interactivity and CG Animation.  The Video gets overlaid on top of the website with Flash, AJAX Progamming and Javascript and can be integrated into any website or browser based application.  If you want to make your website the best and stand out from all the rest contact Northstar today!

RPS Super Challenge:

Perhap the greatest web-based endeavor of all time, Northstar transformed the world of Rock Paper Scissors by creating a mecca where Rock Paper Scissors players from around the world could meet, play, talk trash to one another and settle pertanent life changing decisions.  RPS Super Challenge was the transformative website that have turned the world of Rock Paper Scissors upside down.  RPS Super Challenge is a Flash, Javascript, AJAX and ASP based dynamic social networking website.  Everything is automated from season to season so that the website can take a life of its own.  Remeber, if ever in doubt, throw Paper.
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  • Number of Websites Launched: 2,746
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CEO, Comunicano

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